Who makes these?

We do. By hand at a small factory in Brazil. We make sure every step of our production follows the Fair trade guidelines. The production is in Brazil but all development and design is truly made in the UK.

WHat makes you different?

Everything. From the moment we have an idea to the end of production, we make sure everything is made in a sustainable and Eco friendly way. Not only we use the latest technologies but we only work with specific premium Eco Friendly fabrics. This will ensure premium quality and durability.

Where can I buy your products?

Only at We do not sell our products anywhere else.

Why don't you have XS & XL sizes?

There isn't really need for that as our fabrics are designed to stretch and shrink to adapt to your body. Our measurements will adapt to most if not all sizes.

What's crotch gusset?

Other leggings have a front rise seam which can potentially create the infamous "camel toe" causing all sorts of discomfort. On some of our leggings we do a Diamond shaped crotch gusset. The seams are split to run through the sides and we also insert an extra layer of the same fabric to improve fit and comfort.


Inner crotch seams on our V-Ligh leggings

As you can see on the image, we diverted the seams creating a diamond shaped stitching improving fit, comfort and durability of the garments..