Proudly designed and developed in the UK

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Sustainability & Beyond

VOTIG is an apparel brand, online retailer and manufacturer of Eco friendly fitness wear based in the United Kingdom.

We like to think we're different. Better, responsible, unique and not simply copying everything else everyone is making. We're truly sustainable, responsible and with genuine love for the environment and our planet.

From packaging to products, everything we do is brought to you in a sustainable & responsible way, not only for the environment, but also for everyone involved with the brand.

Our products and designs are very special. Made with ECO fabrics developed by SOLVAY® and STA, using the worlds first fully biodegradable yarn. More HERE

High end performance leggings, tops, shorts and other fitness and sports wear garments made with High Tech fabrics like LIGHT CO2®, EMANA CO2® , UP CO2® and many more.

Many new & advanced technologies are applied to these special fabrics, like STRETCH+WET®, UV Protection 80+, Quick Dry and A.O.P.® (Anti Odour Permanent) making then unique and exclusive, yet affordable and sustainable.

All garments are absolute free of toxic materials or any substances harmful to the human skin. Fully tested and accredited in laboratories with certification Oeko Tex®.

Manufactured to the highest standards, we take pride on what we do. Proudly developed and designed in the UK, we say no to fast low quality fashion.

Some of our products, such as the fitness range, are handcrafted in Brazil where we support small local communities and small businesses making us very proud to be part of the Fair Trade Supply Chain.

The idea was born in 2017 in a small Somerset town in England, however, and due to the complexity of the project, it took a bit longer than expected until we released our first collections. With your support, and as we grow, more collections and products will be introduced hoping that our efforts will have a positive environmentally and personal effect on everyone around us.

Designed for comfort and durability.

VÖTIG® is a registered trademark and a registered company in the UK.

VÖTIG Limited | Company 12482449 | Sustainability & Beyond

Registered address
C/O TAP Twelve Quays House, Egerton Wharf, Birkenhead, United Kingdom, CH41 1LD