About The V-UP Fabric

This garment was made using V-UP CO2® Biodegradable polyamide fabric composed by AMNI ® 6.6 yarn, the world's first biodegradable yarn.

It's 100% sustainable and eco friendly which means that when disposed properly, it will degrade without leaving any toxic materials behind.

Other fabrics like cotton, polyester and others,  take about 50 years do decompose.

Our V-UP CO2® fabric will break down about 50% within the first year and completely gone within 3 years.


- 100% Biodegradable & OEKO-TEX® certified 
- Free of toxic materials with anti bacterial properties
- Super light and soft fabric - Moisture absorption 
- 50+ UV UPF protection - Non see through fabric - No ironing needed
- Double knitted yarn minimising transparency


How does it work? What are the necessary conditions for its biodegradation?

The chemical structure of other generic synthetic fibres, does not allow for bacterial penetration, which makes the degradation process more complex and slower and sometimes impossible even.

V-Up fabric, on the other hand, is produced using enhanced polyamide, which, under landfill conditions, facilitates access and digestion of waste material by natural bacteria, thus accelerating the biodegradation process.

All of this without leaving any traces or chemical waste behind. The same is applied to the ink used to make these cools patterns and colours.

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