About The V-Evolution Anti-Viral Fabric

This garment was made using Evolution Plus Supplex Anti- BAC polyamide fabric composed by AMNI ANTI -BAC® 6.6 yarn, the world's first anti viral fabric.

Designed to help fighting virus and bacteria, the Evolution Plus Supplex®
is a mesh fabric with an aerated volume derived from the air texturization
of polyamide (Nylon 6.6) Supplex® by Nilit®. In combination with the average compression provided by the elastane content, this balanced blend reduces transparency and gives the fabric an amazing soft feeling as well as a perfect fit.

This innovating technology, blocks and kills enveloped viruses such as coronavirus, influenza (flu), herpes-viruses as well as non enveloped viruses such as rotavirus, adenovirus & papillomavirus. It can take up to 2h hours to effectively block the viruses.

It can also effectively fight bacteria such as pneumonia & meningitis.

This technology, which is embedded in the fabric, is permanent and it won't be lost during washing cycles.

In addition, this fabric also uses our water reuse program making it sustainable and Eco friendly.

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- OEKO-TEX® certified 
- Free of toxic materials with ANTI VIRAL and bacterial properties
- Super soft fabric - Moisture absorption 
- 50+ UV protection - Non see through fabric - No ironing needed
- ANTI VIRAL Technology


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