About The V-Emana Fabric

This garment was made using V-Emana CO2® A.O.P. Eco polyamide fabric.

It's 100% sustainable, Eco friendly and packed with state of the art technology such as A.O.P. (Anti Odour Permanent) & IFR (Infra Red Rays )

As with all our fabrics, we used a system where the same water is used over and over again in its manufacturing process, which not only reduces the water consumption, but also reduces greenhouse gases emissions.


- Eco friendly & OEKO-TEX® certified 
- Free of toxic materials & Anti bacterial properties
- High compression & moisture absorption 
- 80+ UV UPF protection - Non see through fabric - No ironing needed
- IFR and A.O.P Technologies helping with blood micro circulation


What's A.O.P and IFR?

A.O.P stands for Anti Odour Permanent. This fabric has bio active crystals embedded which gets rid of foul odours therefore requiring less washing.

The IFR technology absorbs body heat and transforms it into Infra Red Rays, which when in contact with your skin, promotes benefits such as improving blood micro circulation and the reduction of cellulite. 

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