The world's first antiviral fabric



We all need to adapt to the new reality. Everything changed, but not necessarily for the worst.

Maybe it's time we all have a deep think about how we treat our planet. How we dress, what we eat and how we eat it, maybe it's time to engage in sustainable and fair practices in everything we do.

We brought you the world's first biodegradable fabric which is still being used on our fitness gear and now we bring you the world's first antiviral fabric.

From 2020, we will be one of the first companies in the world to pilot this amazing technology with a limited edition of T-shirts and tops. These initially will be available in black only with possible new colours being made available in late 2020. 





Here are some facts about this new amazing fabric


Bacteria & viruses are able to "attach" to fabrics which can contaminate others as well as surfaces when in contact with these.

According to research, the new coronavirus (Covid-19) can survive on surfaces for at least 2 days (at mild temperature)

How does it work?

This fabric uses similar technology (6.6 polyamide fabric) to the biodegradable fabric we use. It's made with Amni® Antiviral yarn that protects against viruses and bacteria. The antiviral and antibacterial properties, embedded in the fabric, helps to block cross contamination.

The name says it all. Virus Bac OFF. All bacteria and viruses that can potentially "land" on the fabric, will be blocked and killed.

* Testing according to ISO 18184 & AATCC 100 procedures.

Main properties & attributes 

This innovating technology, blocks and kills enveloped viruses such as coronavirus, influenza (flu), herpes-viruses as well as non enveloped viruses such as rotavirus, adenovirus & papillomavirus. It can take up to 2h hours to effectively block the viruses.

It can also effectively fight bacteria such as pneumonia & meningitis.

This technology, which is embedded in the fabric, is permanent and it won't be lost during washing cycles.

In addition, this fabric also uses our water reuse program making it sustainable and Eco friendly.

Main benefits:

- Blocks crossed contamination from fabric to user

- Permanently deactivates the virus from the fabric & eliminates bacteria

- Effective protection against Covid-19

- Permanent technology which won't fade away with washing cycles

- Durable & super soft fabric

 Find all the technical details about our anti viral fabrics HERE