Fabrics of votig

Fabrics by votig

Working closely with the very best, we only use high tech fabrics where innovation , sustainability and quality is paramount.

All our garments are currently made in Brazil and some are fully biodegradable. All our fabrics are sustainable and sourced with a commitment to social & environmental responsibility.


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ECO & CO2 (biodegradable fabrics):


ECO & Anti Viral ANTI-BAC:

Proudly designed and developed in the United Kingdom

Amni® Soul Eco, the world’s first biodegradable yarn

Amni® Soul Eco, is the world’s first biodegradable yarn, with an enhanced polyamide 6.6 formula allowing clothes to quickly decompose after being properly discarded. This technology keeps the durability and quality of the garments while still offering the polyamide fiber benefits (soft touch, comfort, easy care and other important factors.)

Degrading in around 3 years*, the Amni® Soul Eco solution decomposes ten times faster than conventional polyamides (or any other fabrics), which can take up to 50 years, making our products truly eco-sustainable.

Ultimately, this enhances landfills productivity waste by a degradation rate and then directly promotes the conservation of green areas.

Benefits for the planet, benefits for all:

  • Eco-Friendly production: Recycling of process water and treatment of greenhouse gases through the Water Ruse SABESP program.

  • Waste management: Degrades 10x faster than conventional polyamides. It is also 100% recyclable and reusable.

  • Biodegradability: Drastically reduces the decomposition time of polyamides based garments in the landfill.

  • Energy Efficiency: Cotton consumes more energy than polyester.

  • Fresh water availability: Cotton consumes more water than polyester.

    Supporting local communities

    All our garments are handmade and produced by small factories located in small communities in Brazil, promoting local sustainability and commitment to the Fair Trade Supply Chain. 

    These are then prepared, tagged with our special seeded paper tags (more HERE) and shipped to the UK where they are finally packed in our special Marine Safe non toxic and compostable bags, ready to be sent worldwide directly from our UK based warehouse in Shropshire.

    A fabric for every occasion

    In partnership with our sustainable suppliers, we apply the latest technologies to all our products. To name just a few, these are some of our core CO2 CONTROL® family fabrics.


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      Every fabric marked with the CO2® insignia is fully biodegradable and ECO friendly from the moment yarn is turned into fabric, up until it reaches the end of cycle.

      More detailed information about each of the fabrics used to make our garments can be found HERE


      Q: What does it mean biodegradable?

      A: Don't worry. It's not like your performance leggings or any other VÖTIG® product will just decompose while sitting on your wardrobe.  For this to happen your garment will need to be properly disposed preferably into a landfill. With the right environment settings, like weather, temperature etc, these will be naturally be gone in less than 3 years.

      Q: What makes it different from other fabrics?

      A: Apart from the quality the most important feature is exactly the impact on the environment. Any other synthetic fabric will take at least 50 YEARS to decompose. Our CO2 fabric will be gone in less than 3*.(if properly disposed in a landfill environment.

      Q: Are your fabrics responsibly sourced?

      A: Yes indeed. Developed in Brazil by Rhodia®-Solvay® and with technical support and partnership with STA and the São Paulo State Basic Sanitation Company SABESP, the whole process is fully sustainable as the use of industrial water in the process of dyeing and printing, is entirely made with reuse water, avoiding consumption of fresh drinking water.

      We also support local communities by outsourcing all our production to small (sometimes family owned) factories in Brazil. Everything HANDMADE

      Q:What about chemicals? What certifications are available?

      A: No chemicals used. All our fabrics are free of products toxic to the human skin in accordance to international Oeko-Tex 100 Class I certification.

      Q:How long exactly it will take do degrade?

      A: 50% within the first year and the remaining will degrade in less than 3 years, provided these fabrics are correctly disposed in a landfill environment. Everything, including the paint used to print our exclusive patterns, is non toxic and Eco friendly.